Casey's Corner General Store

Casey's Corner General Store

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Route 8, Piseco Lake NY 12139, in the Adirondacks | Phone: 518-548-3556

Gas, Groceries, Pizza, Beer, Food for Lake Pleasant, Oxbow + Piseco Lakes Area


Attention: WE ARE CLOSED for BUSINESS for GOOD! Thank you all our old customers!

Contact AC Miller Real Estate if you want to buy this and the liquor store. (518) 924-4255. This is the only gas, grocery, eats and liquor store on Route 8 from Speculator to Poland. As well as the only store near Route 10 from Pine Lake to its northern end. This is the only store for the Oxbow and Piseco Lake area which gets about 5000 extra people in the summer season. You can't lose with this store and location. Casey's Corner General Store: Gas Food for Lake Pleasant, Oxbow + Piseco Lake Area

Casey's Corner General Store is the best place in the Piseco Lake, Oxbow Lake, Lake Pleasant, Hoffmeister + Morehouse Adirondack area for all the basics. We have beer, groceries, deli, take out food, firewood, camping supplies, gasoline, propane and even hot fresh baked pizza